Julian Angel Camarena is an American singer-songwriter, producer, musician, entrepreneur and performer from Arizona. He was born on February 9, 1992 in San Diego, California to Brigida Hurley & Miguel Camarena, a fine artist and painter from Chihuahua, Mexico. Julian almost died at birth due to being two and a half months premature; he was forced to stay in an incubator for at least a month and a half while his lungs developed further. Julian was named after the town in which his parents were living in at the time of his birth, Julian, a small town located on the outskirts of San Diego. Due to his father being an artist, Julian grew up in a creative and artistic household. He has two brothers; an older brother Tarin Camarena, and a younger brother Adrian Camarena.
          Julian started school early at only two and a half years of age. Julian excelled in school and his interest in the arts began to grow with every year. Julian first showed interest in music at the age of eight after deciding to learn the alto saxophone so he could play it in the school band. After a year of playing the saxophone, Julian decided to audition for his school's jazz band, in which he was successful. Julian contributed the beginning of his love for song writing and creating music to being involved in a jazz band, "Jazz music and the ability to improvise and play what you wanted to play, to play what you heard in your head or felt in your heart, was amazing to me and got me more excited about music." Julian continued to pick up learning how to play different instruments throughout high school, including the piano and guitar. At the age of thirteen, Julian started writing and composing his own music, but it wasn't until fourteen that he decided to add lyrics to each of his compositions, "For me adding lyrics to a song was just another way of adding more emotion, feeling and meaning to my music." After graduating high school at the age of sixteen, Julian moved to San Diego to attend University at San Diego State. Julian continued to write and compose music throughout his freshmen year in college.
          After his first year attending University, Julian decided to move back to his hometown in Arizona, where he then attended the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, while at the same time pursuing a career in music. While back in Arizona, Julian familiarized himself with the local recording studios and producers. Julian learned most of the basic recording and producing techniques from local producers, which enabled him to later on fully produce and record his own music. Julian continued to write and record music all throughout University. In December of 2011, Julian graduated from University at the top of his class receiving a degree in Business Management.
          After University, Julian turned his full attention to his music career. By the time he finished University Julian had over a hundred songs written. After college Julian started his music career off by releasing his first single "I Don't Wanna Wait" on May 30, 2012, and the music video on June 1, 2012. Within a few weeks after release, the music video had gained over a million views. 
          With every release following, Julian continued to grow his fan base. With now over over five million across all social medias, Julian's fan base continues to grow as he continues to grow as an artist. He has attained endorsements and partnerships from some of the top international brands including Apple, Disney, Nickelodeon, AT&T, M&Ms, Ford Motors and more and continues to release records to his millions of fans. Julian has also started along with his brother, a senior VFX artist and cinematographer, Tarin Camarena, a top tier production company Camarena Productions, which specializes in high end visual effects. In 2019 Julian Camarena started the Camarena Show along with his younger brother comedian and film director Adrian Camarena. The first episode debuted as the number one talk show on Instagram. Julian currently resides in Los Angeles, California & Cave Creek, Arizona.